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    Aluminum Fence Installation Weston

    Aluminum fences are typically post and rail types of fences that are best used around the front yard, near a body of water, or enclosing a pool. Because of this, aluminum fences are the best Weston pool fences available. Special considerations when located near a lake or other waterway also make aluminum fence panels required by building code. Our fencing sales representatives can assist you in choosing the best variety of aluminum fence for your project, such as height, picket spacing, and other options that will need to be decided on prior to installing your new aluminum fence.

    As a metal, aluminum is a great choice for gates as well. Many of our custom gates are welded out of aluminum, as it provides many advantages such as resilience to Weston weather.

    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Weston

    Vinyl FenceInstallation Weston

    Vinyl or PVC fencing is a type of plastic fencing that is widely used throughout Weston. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles including vinyl privacy fence, PVC picket fencing, vinyl semi privacy fencing, vinyl shadowbox fencing, & many more. These PVC fencing materials are available in basic colors such as white and tan but may also be available in other colors upon request.

    PVC welded gates are also available in widths up to 6’ and heights up to 6’ for residential fencing installation project in Weston.

    Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Installation in Weston

    Wood FenceInstallation Weston

    Wooden fences are available in cost efficient varieties and also more high-end varieties, such as denser or more exotic woods, stains, and painted options. When you desire privacy for your Weston residential property, there are only a few options, with wood fencing as one of the primary choices.

    Many style and gate options are available such as wood gates with steel frames, horizontal wood fences, exotic hardwood fence, board on board, shadowbox, and many more.

    Wood Fence Installed In Weston

    CustomGates In Weston

    GateAccess Control In Weston

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    XL Fencing is a fully licensed and insured Weston fencing contractor with years of experience installing fences in Weston, FL.

    We handle every aspect of the Weston fencing installation process including old fence tear-down, fence & gate permitting, city paperwork filing, engineering documents, every type of fence installation, and permit inspection preperation and closeout.

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