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Your Fence Adds to Property Value

When you drive through any neighborhood, it would be shocking to see more than a quarter of the houses without a fence. Fencing has become a staple in almost every American home and people looking to buy are almost always looking for a fence that’s already been professionally installed. A fence adds to property value […]

Signs Its Time To Get A New Fence Installed

large wood new fence || privacy fence

Whether you purchased your home during the South Florida residential boom of the 90s or have a new construction project underway, you’re likely in need of a new fence. You may be debating whether or not you need one, however there are some telltale signs for when you need to get one installed for your […]

How Much Will A New Fence Cost?

florida house with new fence

When researching costs for a new fence, the reality of the situation is that there is no set cost. Every job is completely different, and has its own restrictions, permitting, limitations, etc. Much like buying a car, house, or other large purchase, the price can entirely depend on a number of varying factors, aside from […]

How Long Does A PVC Fence Last?

pvc fence south florida house

It’s finally time. You’ve pushed it off and tried to see how long your original fence could go without replacement. Chances are if your South Florida residence was originally built back in the 80s or 90s, it’s likely time to upgrade. You may be debating whether to stick with what you know and get a […]

How Can Fencing Keep Animals Out?

raccoon in backyard

Have you wondered how fencing keeps animals out of your backyard? Animals sneaking into a backyard isn’t an unheard-of thing, especially in south Florida. With lots of park areas, nature, and open areas it’s no wonder why they can seem to always find their way to your backyard. Some of the common victims you may […]

What Will Privacy Fencing Cost You?

privacy fencing

Your backyard should be your own personal sanctuary, where you can do activities and relax, but this can often be ruined when your neighbor has a direct line of sight into your backyard. Privacy fencing is an investment chosen by a lot of families since it provides a safe space for spending time together. While […]

When Is It Time To Replace My Wood Fence?

rotting wood fence, replace wood fence

If your South Florida home was built before 2010, chances are it came standard with a wooden fence for your backyard. A timeless classic and a favorite of HOAs everywhere, wood fences have always been in style while also being one of the most cost effective solutions available. Unfortunately, if you still have the same […]

All About PVC Fences And Their Benefits

privacy fence || pvc fences

When deciding on the right fence style for your home, you want a fence material that’s timeless, stylish, and doesn’t break the bank. There are so many different options it can feel as if it’s impossible to decide on the right one. As this is an investment you’ll have for 15+ years, it’s important to […]

Looking To Install A New Wood Fence? All About The Main Wood Fence Types

wood fence installation || new wood fence

Getting a new wood fence installed can be a tremendous difference maker for your home’s backyard. It completely transforms the space and gives you and your family that much-needed privacy to enjoy the space as you see fit. Whether creating a small peaceful paradise to enjoy, or a play space for your children and pets, […]

Why Get A Privacy Fence Installed?

PVC Fence || Privacy Fence

Are you a new homeowner, or looking to finally upgrade your backyard? Tired of neighbors running through your yard, or their pets leaving “presents” scattered around the lawn? It might be time to get a privacy fence installed. Privacy fences can be the difference-maker for your backyard, instantly adding value and security to your home. […]

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