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    Aluminum Fence Installation Broward County

    Aluminum fences are typically post and rail types of fences that are best used around the front yard, near a body of water, or enclosing a pool. Because of this, aluminum fences are the best Broward County pool fences available. Special considerations when located near a lake or other waterway also make aluminum fence panels required by building code. Our fencing sales representatives can assist you in choosing the best variety of aluminum fence for your project, such as height, picket spacing, and other options that will need to be decided on prior to installing your new aluminum fence.

    As a metal, aluminum is a great choice for gates as well. Many of our custom gates are welded out of aluminum, as it provides many advantages such as resilience to Broward County weather.

    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Broward County

    Vinyl FenceInstallation Broward County

    Vinyl or PVC fencing is a type of plastic fencing that is widely used throughout Broward County. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles including vinyl privacy fence, PVC picket fencing, vinyl semi privacy fencing, vinyl shadowbox fencing, & many more. These PVC fencing materials are available in basic colors such as white and tan but may also be available in other colors upon request.

    PVC welded gates are also available in widths up to 6’ and heights up to 6’ for residential fencing installation project in Broward County.

    Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Installation in Broward County

    Wood FenceInstallation Broward County

    Wooden fences are available in cost efficient varieties and also more high-end varieties, such as denser or more exotic woods, stains, and painted options. When you desire privacy for your Broward County residential property, there are only a few options, with wood fencing as one of the primary choices.

    Many style and gate options are available such as wood gates with steel frames, horizontal wood fences, exotic hardwood fence, board on board, shadowbox, and many more.

    Wood Fence Installed In Broward County

    CustomGates In Broward County

    GateAccess Control In Broward County

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    At XL Fencing, we truly understand the value of trust and positive reviews. They don't just come out of thin air; they're earned through sheer hard work and a dedication to maintaining top-notch quality standards. When it comes to fence installation, we're the experts who really know our stuff. We bring an unmatched level of confidence and security to each and every project, leaving our competitors in the dust.

    The best part? Our clients have got our back, and we've got theirs too. But don't just take our word for it. Take a moment to hear what some of our previous customers have to say about us in this awesome video testimonial.

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    Choose the Best Fence Company in Broward County, FL

    There are hundreds of fence companies in Broward County, FL, so it can be incredibly difficult to determine which is the best fence company near you.

    Buying a new fence for your Broward home is a big investment; you want to make certain that you choose the right fence company to handle your project, otherwise, you might end up losing money in the long run due to low-quality fence material or fence supplies, incorrect installation methods, or failure to adhere to Broward County fence building regulations or HOA requirements.

    Here are some points to consider when you are receiving Broward County fence installation estimates:

    • Is the fence company licensed and insured to work in Broward County?
    • The lowest fence installation cost estimate isn’t always the best choice – you get what you pay for
    • Has the fence company installed fences in your particular city or neighborhood?
    • Will the fence contractor pull a permit for your project?
    • Does the fence company understand any restrictions caused by the location of your property (corner lot, bordering waterway, etc.)?
    • How many years has the fence company been in business?
    • What fencing material supplier does the fence company purchase their stock from?

    Here at XL Fencing, we fully understand all the local Broward building code regulations, we’ve installed hundreds of fences in Broward County, and even though are prices are not the lowest – we guarantee the best and most professional fencing installation project management and construction available in the Broward market today.

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    We’re Licensed & Insured Broward Fence Contractors

    The single most important qualifying factor in choosing a Broward fence company should first and foremost be whether or not they are officially licensed to work in the County of Broward, and if they carry appropriate insurance to go with it.

    A significant amount of lower-quality fencing companies in Broward often boast that they can beat other contractors’ estimated prices, but they do so because they offer lower-quality work, use cheaper fence supplies, and they do not have the financial overhead of a professionally licensed and insured company to consider.

    We pride ourselves on operating a highly professional Broward fencing company, and therefore, always have up-to-date licenses and insurances to back up our projects.

    You can view our Broward license here: XL Fencing LLC. Broward Fence Company License

    Broward County Fence Reviews

    Whether you are buying a new TV, a new car, or a new fence, reviews are almost always the first metric considered when choosing the type of product and where to purchase it from.

    In the Broward County fence industry, reviews are often extremely important to review when deciding which fence contractor you are going to hire because previous clients are often very vocal about poorly installed fences and issues caused by unprofessional individuals.

    We are incredibly proud of our reputation, and our clients are universally satisfied with our work.

    Here are just some of our reviews:

    Broward County Fence Permit Overview

    South Florida is one of the strictest areas in the country when it comes to fencing installation requirements and regulations.

    All new fencing projects simply must be permitted, even if you are replacing an existing fence with the same material in the same area.

    Failure to obtain a permit for your Broward fence installation project may result in hefty fines and could even result in you being forced to remove and reinstall fences that do not meet local city or HOA requirements.

    Here is a short overview of the Broward County fence permit process:

    • Completed, signed, and notarized Broward County Permit Application submitted
    • (2) set of building plans (typically a current property survey) marked with intended fence installation area, fence material type, height, and other identifying factors
    • Fencing material must be approved for use in your area, and you must submit (2) copies of engineering documents or product approvals with your permit
    • If you live in an area that has utility or drainage easements, you will have to obtain permissions from the respective companies and submit this approval with your permit application
    • A notice of acceptance approval must be obtained when your fencing project exceeds the local amount
    • Your local city or HOA might have specific documents or approvals to be submitted with your application, this varies by location
    • Fence permits must adhere to local building codes, many cities in Broward County, such as Coral Springs, have their own requirements separate from the County

    Fence Installation in Broward County

    As a licensed and insured Broward County fence contractor, we can handle any project or any material that you choose – as long as it’s approved for use by Broward fence building codes.

    Below are the most common types of residential fencing material that are typically installed by Broward homeowners:

    Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence in Broward County

    • Vinyl Privacy Fence
    • Vinyl Picket Fence
    • Vinyl Semi Privacy Fence
    • Vinyl Shadowbox Fence
    • Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence
    • Custom Welded PVC Gates

    Aluminum Fence in Broward County

    • Aluminum Pool Fence
    • Ornamental Aluminum Fence
    • Horizontal Aluminum Fence
    • White Aluminum Fence
    • Black Aluminum Fence
    • Bronze Aluminum Fence
    • Aluminum Privacy Fence
    • Custom Welded Aluminum Fence

    Wood Fence in Broward County

    • Wood Shadowbox Fence
    • Wood Board on Board Fence
    • Wood Stockade Fence
    • Horizontal Wood Fence
    • Exotic Hardwood Fence
    • Wood Fence Gates
    • Wood Privacy Fence
    • Modern Wood Fence Designs

    Chain Link Fence in Broward County

    • Galvanized Chain Link Fence
    • Black Chain Link Fence
    • Green Chain Link Fence
    • Brown Chain Link Fence
    • Chain Link Fence with Privacy Slats
    • Chain Link Fence with Windscreen (covering)
    • Chain Link Gates

    Pool Fence in Broward County

    In Broward County, all properties that contain a pool on the premises must enclose that pool with an appropriate pool fence that meets local building code requirements.

    Typically, aluminum pool fences or vinyl (PVC) pool fences are most common, but any fence can meet the Broward County pool code requirements if the below conditions are met.

    These pool safety fences must meet certain requirements:

    • A continuous one-piece barrier must enclose the entire perimeter of the pool, and must not be able to be removed without the use of tools
    • Must be a minimum height of 45″ from the top of the bottom horizontal member to the top of the top horizontal member, and is 48″ from grade to top of top horizontal member
    • Pool gate latches must place the activating mechanism at least 54″
    • Gaps in between vertical members must not be large enough for a child to climb or crawl

    Fence Repair in Broward County

    Here at XL Fencing LLC, we believe that no job is too small, and because of this, we handle all Broward Fencing repairs with the same level of professionalism and quality as we would any of our large-scale fencing installation projects.

    Here are just some of the fencing repair tasks that we can handle for you:

    • Fence Picket Repair
    • Gate Latch or Gate Hinge Repair
    • Fence Post Repair
    • Replacement of Damaged Fence Panels
    • Fences Damaged by Hurricanes

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    Buy quality fence products installed by trained professionals at competitive pricing in Broward County.

    XL Fencing is the right Broward County fence company to hire for your fence, gate, custom aluminum, or access control installation project. There are a lot of South Florida fencing contractors vying for your business; some of them may offer lower prices or quicker work by cutting corners, but making the wrong choice of who to hire can result in a significant waste of precious time and money. Save yourself the headache of a poorly run Broward County fence installation project, and contact us today to learn why we are 100% confident that we are the right fence company for you, your family, and your property.

    With years of experience installing fences in Broward County, our sales, office, and installation staff is second to none in regard to professionalism, integrity, and follow-through. We are proud to call ourselves, "a different kind of Broward County fence company," because we are trustworthy, capable, and dedicated to a level of customer service that is often not experienced in the fencing industry.

    Hiring XL Fencing for your Broward County fence or gate installation job guarantees total certainty of a positive outcome - trust us with helping you safeguard what you love; contact us today to learn more or to get started by scheduling a free estimate with an expert salesperson.

    Safeguard what you love, with XL Fencing. Broward County's premier licensed & insured fence & gate company.

    Superior fencing products installed for residential and commercial Broward County fencing clients

    Fence & gate materials used in all of our aluminum, chain link, wood, and vinyl fence installations are sourced from local South Florida fence wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors. Quality levels in all the fence parts, posts, pickets, rails, hardware, and accessories are premium grade and are made to meet strict Broward County fence permit requirements and Broward County fence building & zoning code restrictions.

    When you purchase a fence from XL Fencing in Broward County, you're getting the best products and services that money can buy.

    What to Expect with Your Broward County Fence Installation Project

    XL Fencing is a fully licensed and insured Broward County fencing contractor with years of experience installing fences in Broward County, FL.

    We handle every aspect of the Broward County fencing installation process including old fence tear-down, fence & gate permitting, city paperwork filing, engineering documents, every type of fence installation, and permit inspection preperation and closeout.

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