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Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Installation in South Florida

What to Expect with your Vinyl Fence Installation

Why Choose XL Fencing for your Vinyl Fence Project?

XL Fencing is your premier PVC fence company in South Florida. We have the highest quality of vinyl fencing materials and top-level experts to install and maintain your vinyl fences in any community in Palm Beach and Broward counties. If you are interested in a privacy fence, semi-private, lattice top, or picket accent vinyl fence then XL Fencing is ready to help you start and finish your vinyl fencing project. 

There are many reasons to install a PVC fence on your property. If you are looking to block out noise or add privacy then you will need something tall and solid like a PVC fence. One of the benefits of a PVC fence is that it not only provides privacy and protection, but it also adds a decorative element to a property. Whatever the reason may be for installing a PVC fence on your property, the fencing professionals at XL Fencing will take care of every step. We will customize the design and style of your PVC fence in order to match your fencing needs.

XL Fencing Is Your Trusted PVC Fence Company In South Florida

If you are looking for a reliable PVC fence company in South Florida then XL Fencing is your solution. At XL Fencing, specialize in fence installation and repair in the South Florida area. Our expert fence contractors are fully licensed and insured and will handle every aspect of the fence installation process including designing, permitting, and installing. We work closely with our clients to create custom installation plans in order to design and install a fence that fits their property’s needs. After installation is complete, we provide services for continued maintenance and repair. Whether you are wanting to install a fence for either a residential or commercial property, we can take care of all of your fencing needs. We also offer other fencing options like:

Are you looking for a quality PVC fence in Palm Beach or Broward County? Contact the experts at XL Fencing and receive a free quote today!

Watch XL Fencing Install a Vinyl Fence Project in South Florida

Learn how XL Fencing Installs Vinyl Fences

Here at XL Fencing, a fence contractor in South Florida, we incorporate the methods outlined in this video tutorial for our vinyl fence installation projects. With extensive experience, we have refined our process to ensure efficient and high-quality installations.

The tutorial serves as a valuable resource for our team and clients, providing a step-by-step guide for successful vinyl fence and gate installations. By following these proven methods, we guarantee customer satisfaction and long-lasting results.

How we do it:

  • From the start, we understand the importance of setting clear expectations with clients. We communicate the installation process and address specific requirements.
  • For digging and setting fence posts, we adhere to precise measurements and local building codes. Professional-grade tools ensure accurate hole digging and secure post anchoring, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Leveling the fence line is crucial to us. We meticulously assess the terrain and employ our expertise to achieve a level fence, creating an appealing appearance and consistent height.
  • Obstacles like sprinkler lines are common in South Florida, and we handle them with care. Planning and precise execution avoid any damage or disruption.
  • Setting post rails and attaching slats showcases our attention to detail. We align rails and secure vinyl slats, resulting in a sturdy and visually appealing fence panel.
  • Gates and latches are installed with precision, following the tutorial’s guidelines. We ensure smooth gate operation and secure closure with high-quality latches.
  • Final adjustments are crucial to us. We meticulously inspect the fence and gate, making necessary tweaks for level, plumb, and aligned installations.

By utilizing the methods described in the tutorial, we deliver exceptional vinyl fence and gate installations in South Florida. With our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted name in the industry, enhancing properties throughout the region.

Colored Vinyl Fence Installation in South Florida

National Vinyl Products

Timberland Series

Weathered Aspen
Dark Walnut
Coastal Cedar
Dark Sequoia
Textured Tan
Textured Clay
Textured Driftwood
Textured Dark Sequoia

Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation

Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation south Florida


Vinyl privacy fences account for a large majority of all PVC fence projects in South Florida. White privacy fences are most popular, although other variations are available. This vinyl fence style is available in for use in hurricane zones, making it the strongest PVC fence type. Matching welded gates up to 6’ in width, with both single and double varieties.

Vinyl Privacy with Lattice Accent Fence Installation

Vinyl Privacy with LatticeFence Installation south Florida


Lattice accent vinyl privacy fences feature a window of lattice roughly one foot in height taking up the top portion of the fencing panel. In certain South Florida cities such as Coral Springs & Sunrise, this fencing style is required for use in most circumstances due to specific building code requirements.

Vinyl Horizontal Privacy Fence Installation

Horizontal Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation south Florida


This vinyl fencing style features horizontal pickets, as opposed to the standard vertical pickets found in a traditional vinyl privacy fence.

Vinyl Louvered Fence Installation

Vinyl Louvered Fence Installation south Florida


Vinyl louvered fence panels consist of posts and pickets, with no rails, like most vinyl fencing panels have. This modern and stylish vinyl fencing panel is perfect for homeowners who want some privacy but with increased visibility and wind-flow. This style is private when viewed from the outside, but less opaque from the inside, or property facing side of the panel.

Vinyl Shadowbox Fence Installation

Vinyl Shadowbox Fence Installation south Florida


A popular alternative to the original wooden shadowbox fence; this style is also required for use in certain South Florida areas. As opposed to vinyl privacy fences, vinyl shadowbox fences are not 100% private; they are private when viewed straight, but semi-private when viewed at an angle – allowing for increased visibility and wind-flow.

Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence Installation

Vinyl Semi Privacy Fence Installation south Florida


After the vinyl shadowbox box, comes an even less private vinyl fence style, the vinyl semi-privacy fence. This style can be used to increase wind flow in your yard, or when you do not have a need to completely enclose your property due to privacy concerns.

Vinyl Closed Picket Fence Installation

Vinyl Closed Picket Fence Installation south Florida


A closed picket fence style is one where the pickets do not exceed the boundary of the top horizontal member or rail. Vinyl closed picket fences are installed near pools, in front of houses where 6’ heights are not allowed, and in backyards where privacy is not needed or where the property borders a waterway.

Vinyl Open Picket Fence Installation

Vinyl Open Picket Fence Installation south Florida


Open picket vinyl fences are identifiable by the present of picket caps, where the picket exceed the boundary of the top rail. Similar to wooden picket fences; this style mimics the classical American white picket fence that has been popularized throughout history.

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Installation

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Installation south Florida


Commonly referred to as ranch fencing, or ranch-rail fencing, this PVC alternative to traditional wooden ranch fences is virtually maintenance free and considerably easier to repair than their wooden counterparts. Different rail quantities are available upon request such as 3 rails, 4 rails, and 2 rail varieties.

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