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    Aluminum Fence Installation Coral Springs

    Aluminum fences are typically post and rail types of fences that are best used around the front yard, near a body of water, or enclosing a pool. Because of this, aluminum fences are the best Coral Springs pool fences available. Special considerations when located near a lake or other waterway also make aluminum fence panels required by building code. Our fencing sales representatives can assist you in choosing the best variety of aluminum fence for your project, such as height, picket spacing, and other options that will need to be decided on prior to installing your new aluminum fence.

    As a metal, aluminum is a great choice for gates as well. Many of our custom gates are welded out of aluminum, as it provides many advantages such as resilience to Coral Springs weather.

    Aluminum Fencing Installed In Coral Springs

    Vinyl FenceInstallation Coral Springs

    Vinyl or PVC fencing is a type of plastic fencing that is widely used throughout Coral Springs. Vinyl fences come in a variety of styles including vinyl privacy fence, PVC picket fencing, vinyl semi privacy fencing, vinyl shadowbox fencing, & many more. These PVC fencing materials are available in basic colors such as white and tan but may also be available in other colors upon request.

    PVC welded gates are also available in widths up to 6’ and heights up to 6’ for residential fencing installation project in Coral Springs.

    Vinyl Fence & PVC Fence Installation in Coral Springs

    Wood FenceInstallation Coral Springs

    Wooden fences are available in cost efficient varieties and also more high-end varieties, such as denser or more exotic woods, stains, and painted options. When you desire privacy for your Coral Springs residential property, there are only a few options, with wood fencing as one of the primary choices.

    Many style and gate options are available such as wood gates with steel frames, horizontal wood fences, exotic hardwood fence, board on board, shadowbox, and many more.

    Wood Fence Installed In Coral Springs

    CustomGates In Coral Springs

    GateAccess Control In Coral Springs

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    At XL Fencing, we truly understand the value of trust and positive reviews. They don't just come out of thin air; they're earned through sheer hard work and a dedication to maintaining top-notch quality standards. When it comes to fence installation, we're the experts who really know our stuff. We bring an unmatched level of confidence and security to each and every project, leaving our competitors in the dust.

    The best part? Our clients have got our back, and we've got theirs too. But don't just take our word for it. Take a moment to hear what some of our previous customers have to say about us in this awesome video testimonial.

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    Coral Springs, a city located in Broward County, one of the three most prominent South Florida Counties, is a safe and prosperous municipality that is one of the most desirable Broward locations to reside in. With a population of about 135,000 people, a median resident age of 37, and an average household income of $100,000, this city is demographically young and affluent.

    The total household number as of 2022 is nearly 45,000, and each of these houses is obligated by Coral Springs building code to have both fencing and landscaping enclosures. In fact, aside from Sunrise, this city has the most stringent fencing code regulations in all of Broward County, and in the whole of South Florida (excluding hurricane zone or HVHZ NOA requirements of Miami and other counties).

    Coral Springs has created an interactive map to assist in permitting fence & gate projects, a full list of documents related to fence permitting in Coral Springs can be downloaded here: Coral Springs Fence Permit Documents 

    Unlike many other Broward County cities, Coral Springs also requires landscaping to be installed in conjunction with any new fences that are facing a road or water right-of-way. This landscaping must be installed within 60 days of the issuance of your fencing permit and must consist of shrubs that are a minimum height of 18-24 inches and must also be spaced between 18-24 inches apart.

    Though these requirements are strict, they are an integral part of keeping sameness and uniformity to residential properties in the city – this attention to detail is just one thing that makes residing in Coral Springs so special.

    Due to the attention to detail that must be considered when permitting and installing fences in Coral Springs, it’s not an option to hire a low-quality or budget fencing company to handle your project. You need a team of fencing professionals that knows what they are doing and can ensure that you choose the right material for your particular lot and can guarantee that your project goes smoothly from estimate to close of fence/landscaping final inspection.

    Choose the best Coral Springs fencing company, choose XL fencing.

    Top Fence Contractors in Coral Springs

    Out of the numerous fence contractors in Coral Springs, XL Fencing is proud to be rated in the top percentage of companies on Google, Home Advisor, and other review platforms. We’re proud of our reputation and we work incredibly hard to maintain it and continue to apply our superior methodologies to each new Coral Springs fence installation project that we take on.

    Why Hire XL Fencing, the Premier Coral Springs Fencing Service Provider?

    There are many answers to this question, but here are just a few:

    • Unlike many other Coral Springs fence contractors, we are licensed and insured
    • We source our fencing products from premium local suppliers, and all our products are made in the USA
    • Our office location also includes a custom aluminum fabrication shop, where we create modern aluminum fences and gates
    • We have the reviews to back up our claims on many online platforms
    • Our owner and employees have years of experience installing and administrating Coral Springs fence projects of ALL types

    Featuring the Largest Selection of Fences in Coral Springs, FL 33432, and all Surrounding Zip Codes

    As a prominent Coral Springs fencing contractor, we have cultivated trusting relationships with local fencing suppliers for all types of fence materials, and we even have a custom aluminum fabrication shop of our own to manufacture unique fence panels, gates, and more.

    We offer the following fence installation in Coral Springs, FL:

    Residential and Commercial Fencing Service in Coral Springs, FL

    Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in Coral Springs, we can handle your fencing installation project. We’re prepared to install fences for single or multi-family dwellings, small businesses, warehousing complexes, schools, commercial yards, housing communities, and more.

    Fence Repair in Coral Springs

    In addition to full-scale residential and commercial fencing installation in Coral Springs, FL, we also take on any repair jobs that you may need, such as:

    • Gate hardware repair
    • Repairing damaged fencing components
    • Re-setting fence posts that are no longer level
    • Hurricane fence damage repair
    • …and anything else you may need!

    Coral Springs Fence Installation

    Our Coral Springs fencing installation process is simple, straightforward, and full-service. We handle everything from start to finish – all the way from the in-home estimate to the permit finalization and closeout.

    XL Fencing Installation Process in Coral Springs

    Phase 1: Fencing installation planning

    • Contact XL Fencing to schedule a free in-home project estimate
    • Discuss your fence material options and restrictions with our sales representative, Coral Springs has many fencing restrictions that must be adhered to
    • Gather your survey and other documents to begin your fence-permitting process

    Phase 2: Choosing a Fence Type

    PVC & Vinyl Fencing Installation in Coral Springs, FL

    • Vinyl Privacy – As the most popular PVC, or vinyl fence style, privacy fences come in a variety of heights, colors, and variations such as lattice accent, picket accent, horizontal, or even vinyl privacy hurricane fencing that uses thicker rails and aluminum inserts inside of each post. Coral Springs building code, unfortunately, does not allow for complete privacy fences, instead, you must use lattice or picket accent version – though most homeowners tend to choose vinyl shadowbox fences
    • Vinyl Picket – Commonly used in front yards where the height limit is 4′, backyards that border waterways such as intercoastal or lakes and to surround pools, vinyl picket fences come in two varieties: closed picket which is standard and open picket that features the pickets extending past the top-rail and are topped with picket caps. Custom picket spacing is available for properties with small children or pets.
    • Vinyl Semi-Privacy – Unlike vinyl privacy fencing which is completely opaque, PVC privacy fences feature a small gap between vertical members that allow for additional wind flow and visibility. A common variation of this style is vinyl shadowbox fencing, the popular alternative to its wood counterpart, in Coral Springs, semi-privacy is the only other vinyl fencing style allowed by code, and shadowbox is most typically used to this end

    Aluminum Fencing Installation in Coral Springs, FL

    • Mechanical Aluminum – The most common type of aluminum fencing in South Florida is the mechanically assembled version that is constructed with self-drilling screws that connect rails to pickets and rails to posts. There are a few different types of mechanical aluminum fencing such as the two-rail, three-rail, and raised post variations – all of which are installed by connecting section to section by a post and snap architecture where a post side seamlessly snaps into a snap side
    • Custom Welded Aluminum – Welded aluminum is assembled in our own shop through a welding process that produces a solid section, as opposed to mechanically assembled aluminum that is connected with fasteners. This style can be powder coated in any color of your choosing and is a very popular option for commercial properties as it creates an almost impenetrable barrier, common styles include pressed point picket

    Chain Link Fencing & Chain Link Fence in Coral Springs, FL

    • Galvanized Chain Link – Standard metallic chain-link fencing is most commonly used around commercial properties that require large-scale security on a minimal budget, this is the most cost-effective fencing style but provides no privacy without added windscreens or privacy slats. Heights up to 20′ for commercial use unlike other fencing styles that typically top out at 8′
    • Vinyl Coated Chain Link – This variation on the standard galvanized chain-link fabric features a layer of colored vinyl coating on top of the metal links, a common choice for residential use, this style comes in black, brown, and green colors with posts and fittings to match. As a note, in Coral Springs, vinyl-coated chain-link fencing is required by code, and standard galvanized is not allowed

    Wood Fencing & Wood Fences in Coral Springs, FL

    • Stockade – Stockade fences hold up well in these extreme Coral Springs conditions and can withstand different elements for years to come. They are the simplest style of wood privacy fence that is both affordable and requires low maintenance. This style of fence can match any style of home and is very sturdy. As Stockade fences age, they provide exactly what you need with added privacy, security, and stability. (not allowed in Coral Springs)
    • Horizontal – One of the more popular styles, it is used to create a longer and bigger appearance. The strategy used by XL Fencing for the Horizontal Style is modernizing how fences look. Who said your fence has to be the traditional vertical style to look good? (not allowed in Coral Springs)
    • Board on Board – This style of board fence uses an overlapping pattern of vertical slats and provides a gapless fence. Aside from keeping pets in and unwanted visitors out, Board on Board fences provides the privacy aspect you may be seeking and is the key benefit. (not allowed in Coral Springs unless lattice top version)
    • Shadowbox – Your classic type of wood fence. This style provides a semi-private environment. Many clients who choose this fence are interested in curb appeal. The name shadowbox was given as it is designed to cast a shadow. Shadowbox fencing provides a durable, functional, and cost-effective way to protect your home or property. (this style is allowed in Coral Springs and is most commonly used)

    Phase 3: Fencing Installation

    • Once You’ve chosen your fence style and your city has approved your permit application paperwork, we will reach out to schedule your installation
    • Prior to arriving at your property, we will call Sunshine 811 to mark underground utilities in order to avoid mishaps while digging
    • Most fencing installations only take 1-2 days (if standard material and project scope)
    • We will remove and dispose of any existing fence material (if paid for on contract) and then our experienced crews will install your fence material

    Phase 4: Close out the permit and place your final payment

    • Following the completion of your fence installation, we will review the work done and then schedule your final permit inspection
    • A local building inspector will arrive at your property, scan the work for accuracy and then either pass/fail your project
    • 99% of the time inspections will result in a pass – but if you happen to experience otherwise, we will guarantee a fix and ultimately a complete and total approval in the end
    • As a note, in Coral Springs, Landscaping is almost always required and is subject to it’s own inspection as well

    Why Choose XL Fencing For Your Fence Installation Project in Coral Springs?

    Coral Springs fence installation projects can be costly and time-consuming, and we respect that you are paying top dollar for the best service, and we are here to give you just that!

    Get started by contacting us to schedule your FREE Coral Springs fencing project estimate today!

    Buy quality fence products installed by trained professionals at competitive pricing in Coral Springs.

    XL Fencing is the right Coral Springs fence company to hire for your fence, gate, custom aluminum, or access control installation project. There are a lot of South Florida fencing contractors vying for your business; some of them may offer lower prices or quicker work by cutting corners, but making the wrong choice of who to hire can result in a significant waste of precious time and money. Save yourself the headache of a poorly run Coral Springs fence installation project, and contact us today to learn why we are 100% confident that we are the right fence company for you, your family, and your property.

    With years of experience installing fences in Coral Springs, our sales, office, and installation staff is second to none in regard to professionalism, integrity, and follow-through. We are proud to call ourselves, "a different kind of Coral Springs fence company," because we are trustworthy, capable, and dedicated to a level of customer service that is often not experienced in the fencing industry.

    Hiring XL Fencing for your Coral Springs fence or gate installation job guarantees total certainty of a positive outcome - trust us with helping you safeguard what you love; contact us today to learn more or to get started by scheduling a free estimate with an expert salesperson.

    Safeguard what you love, with XL Fencing. Coral Springs's premier licensed & insured fence & gate company.

    Superior fencing products installed for residential and commercial Coral Springs fencing clients

    Fence & gate materials used in all of our aluminum, chain link, wood, and vinyl fence installations are sourced from local South Florida fence wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors. Quality levels in all the fence parts, posts, pickets, rails, hardware, and accessories are premium grade and are made to meet strict Coral Springs fence permit requirements and Coral Springs fence building & zoning code restrictions.

    When you purchase a fence from XL Fencing in Coral Springs, you're getting the best products and services that money can buy.

    What to Expect with Your Coral Springs Fence Installation Project

    XL Fencing is a fully licensed and insured Coral Springs fencing contractor with years of experience installing fences in Coral Springs, FL.

    We handle every aspect of the Coral Springs fencing installation process including old fence tear-down, fence & gate permitting, city paperwork filing, engineering documents, every type of fence installation, and permit inspection preperation and closeout.

    Watch our explainer video here and then contact us to get started today.

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