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World’s Most Extraordinary Fences

Mankind has been constructing fences for millions of years. As technology improved, so did the ability to create extraordinary fencing. Some are truly remarkable feats of engineering. As the famous line from the film Field of Dreams says, “Build it and they will come,” people flock to view the following fences..

Aquarium Fence – Turkey

Belonging to businessman and engineer, Mehmet Ali Gokceoglu, he replaced a steel fence of 164 meters (0.190 miles) with an aquarium. It’s filled with Aegean Sea water and home to a variety of sea life. People enjoy watching the sea creatures and the aquarium’s owner enjoys watching the people.

Bra Fence – New Zealand

The fence is home to a variety of possessions that have been attached to the fence. The construct takes its name from the hundreds of bras that mysteriously appeared on the wire farm fencing in 1999.

Buckingham Palace – England

It’s designed to protects the British royal family. The cast iron fence boasts pickets topped with gilded fleur-de-lis.

Dingo Fence – Australia

Built to defend sheep against attacks by wild dogs, it had an unintended side effect. It removed wild dogs as predators, thereby allowing kangaroos to flourish and compete with sheep for grazing land. It’s currently the longest fence on the planet, measuring 3,488 miles and dates back to the 1800s. It also served to keep rabbits out of croplands.

Fenway Park – U.S.

The baseball park’s fence is the oldest in the Major Leagues. It’s known for its super short right field fence at 302 ft.

Great Wall of China

UNESCO designated the barrier a World Heritage Site in 1987 Some portions have crumbled and disappeared. Work began in 220 B.C. and joined together other sections of previously existing fortifications. It’s the largest military structure known.

Lock Fence – France

The fence is famous for couples around the globe coming to place a lock on the fence and throwing away the key, a gesture meant to signify undying love. In 2014, the weight of the locks resulted in a 6.5 ft. section of the bridge’s fence to collapse.

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