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When You Need to Replace Your Wooden Fence

A well-maintained fence can last for quite a long time. In fact, if you make sure to take care of your wooden fence when it needs treatment, it could probably last for 20 years. But in a lot of cases, however, the wooden fence property owners have now weren’t cared for properly by past occupants. Moreover, they were also probably constructed with untreated wood, so now they’re faltering and degrading under your ownership. In cases when wooden fences appear to lack quality, it’s difficult to tell if they need repair or if they need to be replaced. And if you’re unsure of which of the two you should do, then continue reading below. We’ve listed the signs/indicators for when you need to replace your wooden fence.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Wooden Fence


The outside elements are often major contributors of leaning wooden fences. Especially when harsh winds or severe storms occur. And while it may be a while before wooden fences will actually lean, it will eventually happen. And when it does, it means that your wooden fence is losing its strength. Repairing a leaning fence is pointless as a repair will only really realign your fence’s structure. More so, a leaning wooden fence may not even be repairable entirely. You will definitely need to replace your wooden fence when leaning occurs.


If only one or even a few boards of your wooden fence is rotting, a repair will probably only be needed. But if rotting is taking place across your wooden fence in general, it might be time to replace it. There are many factors that cause your wooden fence to rot. But regardless of what caused it, it no longer can be stopped with maintenance. A replacement will be needed solely for the reason that a repair will only replace a few boards. And the rotting can still spread afterward.

Loose And/Or Missing Fasteners

Wooden fences are always constructed with nails and screws, and they’ll eventually become loose or even fall out. And even though they can be replaced, the wood may not be able to withstand the application of a new screw or nail. If and when your fence has become wobbly due to loose and/or missing fasteners, it’s practically useless to try to replace them all. The structure of your fence is weakened and replacing some components won’t restore its soundness.

Damaged Boards

Much like rotting boards, if only a few boards are damaged then a repair is probably all you need. But if there are many of them that are damaged (split, missing, etc.), you should call XL Fencing for a replacement. After years of being under the sun and rain, your wooden fences will eventually succumb to damage. They’ll split and warp and their performance will be subpar for your home compared to when they were first installed.

Replace Your Wooden Fence With XL Fencing’s Services!

When your wooden fence has succumbed to damage and is in need of a replacement, call the experts at XL Fencing. We’ve provided our services to countless South Florida residents over the course of many years. And when you choose us, we’re more than confident that you’ll be satisfied with the performance of your new fence. For any inquiries, you may call us at 954-482-0531 or visit our contact page.

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