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When Is It Time To Replace My Wood Fence?

If your South Florida home was built before 2010, chances are it came standard with a wooden fence for your backyard. A timeless classic and a favorite of HOAs everywhere, wood fences have always been in style while also being one of the most cost effective solutions available. Unfortunately, if you still have the same fence up, chances are you’ve noticed it’s starting to fall apart. Proper maintenance may have extended your fence’s lifespan to around 20 years, but anything beyond that and your fence just isn’t strong enough to hold any longer.

Most Common Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Wood Fence

Rotted Boards

It’s probably time to replace your wood fence if the boards have significant amounts of rot. Exposed to the elements 24/7, your wood fence faces rainstorm after rainstorm as well as heavy levels of humidity, which only accelerates rotting. One rotten board is nothing to fret about, and with regular maintenance you keep your boards rot-free for an extended period. However nature will take its course over a prolonged period and you’ll find the majority of the boards have rotted out, leaving you with no other option besides replacing the fence. 

Leaning & Missing Fasteners

While you may not think about it daily, your wood fence gets put through the wringer every year as hurricanes and tropical storms pelt South Florida. While it will normally stand against the elements, years of repeated torrential downpours and heavy sustained winds will lead to your fence leaning in one direction. This means that your fence is losing its original structural integrity. If you have one post leaning this can be repaired rather easily, however entire panels of your fence leaning means it’s time to consider replacing it.
Likewise, your fence could be falling apart due to the fasteners coming loose or rusting after years of facing the elements. Normally, it’s easy enough to replace the nails or screws and fix the fence yourself or by having a professional come make the repairs, however after enough time you’ll find too many boards coming loose from loose or missing fasteners, meaning it may be time to just make the switch to a new fence.

Repair Costs Outweigh Replacement Costs

Sometimes, it just makes more financial sense to replace the fence than to do repairs. While localized damage early into the life of your wood fence may make sense, extensive damage later on means it’s going to cost a fortune just to make repairs you’ll probably have to make again. At that stage, replacing your wood fence is the more logical solution that will end up saving you money in the long run.
If you’re ready to replace your wood fence, contact XL Fencing. As South Florida’s fencing experts, our team is ready to help you replace your wood fence with a brand new fencing solution. We work with each of our clients to figure out their budget, their style preferences, HOA guidelines, etc. Our team takes pride in helping you get the right fence. For a free estimate, give our team a call today at (954) 482-0531!

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