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Types of Wood Fences for Residential Properties

The iconic white picket fence is a type of wood fence that some Deerfield Beach residents dream about. The good news is that even if you purchase a house that does not already have that dream wooden fence, XL Fencing can install it on the property for you. There are other types of wood fences that are also great for residential properties. In this article, we will explore the elements that make up a wooden fence and the different types of wood fences to consider for your Deerfield Beach home.

Elements of a Wooden Fence

Before we can get into different types of wooden fences, it is important to understand the elements they are composed of. There are 4 basic components that you may see on any wood fence. These components include the:

  • Cap – This element will protect the wood grain from various weather conditions such as rain. The cap is important because the grain on the wood can be vulnerable.
  • Post – These are sturdier pieces of wood placed equidistant from each other. The posts are buried with at least ? of the structure in the ground to support the rest of the fence.
  • Picket – Pieces of wood placed vertically between the posts, pickets are like the body of a fence. Many times, the pickets will have pointed tops or custom carvings.
  • Rail – The rail connects the posts and pickets to each other, providing extra support. Rails may be installed a the very top and bottom of a fence, or a foot in from the top and bottom.

Types of Wood Fences

Traditional Picket Fence: The white picket fence is an icon of a traditional American family home. To many, these fences likely represent the American Dream. A picket fence is characterized by its wide-spaced pickets that are pointed at the top. Picket fences are commonly used for front yards and pool or garden enclosures. The pointed tops discourage people and larger animals from climbing the fence in additional to effectively shedding raindrops. Although they are typically 3-4 feet tall, they can be made to custom heights.
Vertical Board Fence: Perfect for privacy on a modern home, vertical boards are commonly used to block out noises and wind. Vertical fences have overlapping or edge-to-edge pickets that create the perfect barrier for noise and wind. Vertical fences are ideal to create your own little private oasis. These fences are typically built to stand around 6 foot tall.
Lattice Fence: A unique type of fence, lattice fences have pickets or wooden strips that crisscross over each other to produce the lattice. Lattice fences are great for gardens with climbing plants and for homeowners that want a little privacy without sacrificing airflow and light. This type of fence is typically built around 4 feet tall and perfectly compliments a plant-filled area.
Post and Rail Fence: A simpler and more cost-effective solution, post and rail fences are often used for large properties and farms to keep trespassers out and any livestock in. However, this simple fence option does not have to be unappealing to the eye. Using a color or type of wood that compliments the property will add a nice visual touch.
Louver Fence: A louvered fence is characterized by pickets that are staggered perfectly to provide shade from certain angles, but also allows easy airflow and open views from other angles. These fences are ideal for patios, decks, and pool areas. Louvered fences add an intriguing visual appeal to outdoor areas.
Artificial Wood Fences: If you are looking for the look of a wooden fence, but you are concerned with your environmental impact, there are man-made woods and vinyl materials made to look like wood. These options often look extremely similar to real wood.
The type of wood fence you choose for your Deerfield Beach home should depend on the look, purpose, and cost you are looking for. At XL Fencing, our experienced representatives would be glad to walk you through your options and help you choose the best fence for your property. We will handle the whole process, from design to permitting and installation. Get a free quote today from XL Fencing!

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