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Top Benefits Of An Automated Gate

There are many benefits to having a property gated. XL Fencing installs custom gates for commercial properties and custom residential gates for homes. We started the business in 2015 and have grown to become one of South Florida’s most reliable fence companies. Our company strives to provide superior products and service at an affordable cost to customers. XL Fencing has a variety of automated gates and fences that provide many benefits to a home and business owner. Benefits include increased security, convenience, and an increase in property value.

Top Benefits Of An Automated Gate:

  • Increased Security
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Increase in Property Value
  • Keeping Track Of Entering And Exiting

Increased Security

Having an automated gate in a home is great for added security. An automated gate can keep children and pets from wandering off of the property which makes this an excellent investment. Thieves and criminals often target homes in order to steal valuables. Installing an automated gate will minimize the threat of thieves and criminals and will make it harder to access the property. Automated gates can also be equipped with a video system which is also an added security feature that can be used as evidence to catch thieves and criminals.

Lower Insurance Premiums

All homeowners should have a homeowner’s insurance policy put into place in order to protect a person financially should the home experience any damage. An automated gate can lower the monthly premium of a homeowners insurance policy. The insurance company will look at the security factors of an automated gate and conclude that the home will be much safer. As a result, the house will have a less chance of being robbed and the insurance premium will be reduced.

Increase in Property Value

An automated gate can increase the value of a home. Just like various other household investments, an automated gate is a great financial investment. If a home is for sale, the buyer may recognize the added security and convenience of a property and will be willing to purchase the home at a higher price.

Keeping Track Of Entering And Exiting

Installing an automated gate on a commercial property is a great way to keep track of people entering and exiting the property. The features of an automated gate will make the process much faster and efficient. Therefore, an automated gate will reduce congestion at key exit and entry points. An automated gate can also allow for a business to keep better track of shipments being sent out or coming in. This type of gate will result in running a more efficient business which will benefit employees and customers.
XL Fencing provides quality fences and installation services. Custom gates for a commercial property and custom residential gates are an excellent feature. We have experienced qualified professionals with years on the job who will perform the best job possible. Our five-star customer service rating gives us a wonderful reputation. Call us today at (954) 482-0531 to speak to a qualified representative for all of a home or commercial property automated gate needs! Visit us on the web at XL Fencing for more information.

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