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The Best Fencing for Your Pets

Whether you have dogs, horses, chickens or some other type of pet, it’s important for their safety that they remain contained. There’s not a one size fits all solution and individuals need to consider the tendencies of their individual animal. It’s always best to consult with a fencing professional who can provide answers about the options available.


Some dogs dig, some jump, and others climb. A chain link fence can be erected in different heights to accommodate the size of the dog. Attachments can be placed on top of chain link to prevent dogs from climbing over and solutions are available to keep canines from digging under a fence.

Pickets should be close enough together that the canine can’t become trapped between the posts. Solid wood or vinyl fencing is a good solution for dogs that need to be protected from being over excited by what they see on the other side of their fence. The fencing should also keep out wildlife.


An increasing number of people are keeping chickens as pets and for fresh eggs. Chicken wire is traditional and offers an inexpensive choice. The mesh is small enough to keep chickens from escaping and most small wildlife from entering. It’s important to know that chickens are susceptible to predations from birds of prey and even raccoons, so a top made of chicken wire is an excellent idea.


Individuals can choose from wood, vinyl or chain link fencing for their equines. Like dogs, some horses are jumpers, others are crawlers. Wood or vinyl fencing must be high enough that the horse can’t jump over it.

Conversely, the bottom rail must be low enough that a horse can’t crawl under it.

Rails must also be close enough together that an equine can’t get their feet, legs, head or neck between them. When chain link is used, be sure to include some type of visible markers on the fence. A frightened horse may not see a metal fence if it’s not clearly marked. Chain link is less expensive, but vinyl is more visible.

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