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5 Signs For Metal Fence Replacement

Even the strongest of fences can degrade in due time, and this principle most definitely applies to even metal fences. Despite how strong they are, even metal fences can be afflicted by the elements, eventually leading to their complete replacement. However, if you’re not entirely sure what the signs are indicating if your metal fence needs replacement, then continue reading below. We’ve listed 5 signs that tell when you need to replace your metal fence.

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5 Signs Indicating Your Metal Fence Needs Replacement

Impact Damage

If impact damage has occurred to your fence, such as from an accidental vehicle crash, falling trees, or even a weather event, it’s time for a metal fence replacement. Damages will significantly reduce your fence’s structural integrity, compromising your safety and privacy.
If you’re like most individuals who are unsure if replacement or repairs are needed, believe us when we say that replacement is the better choice. If your metal fence is severely damaged, repairs will prove to be very costly.


Most Metal Fences in this day and age are typically coated with special rust-resistant products but that doesn’t mean that rusting won’t occur. When you notice that some rusting on your fence takes place, such spots can be easily removed with care. But if it’s excessive and the required maintenance is too much to keep up with, it’s time for a metal fence replacement.
Rust and corroded components are able to cause your fence to be weakened and extensive.

The Metal is Severely Bent, Warped, Leaning, or Sagging

If you’ve noticed that certain areas of your metal fence are bent or have sustained heavy damage, then fence replacement may be needed depending on how severe the damage is.
A bent metal fence may seem easy to repair on your own; just simply bend it back into place. If, however, you do bend it back into place, you’re just further weakening your fence’s structure.
If your metal fence is leaning it will become a serious safety hazard because of its high risk of falling over and injuring someone. Also, if it continues to lean it will also continue to fall down and pull attached components and other structures.

Exposed & Damaged Fasteners

Make sure to assess the condition of your fence’s screws and/or nails from time to time. They hold your fence together so if they develop too much rust and/or break, they’re no longer securing your fence properly.

Deteriorating Welds

Welds create a strong point of contact and your metal fence, like most others, has welded sections and areas. Unfortunately, rust can occur on these metal joints, which will cause the welds to become weakened and pull apart. Repairs on such parts of your fence aren’t only expensive but also very time-consuming. Metal fence replacement will prove to be the better choice.

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