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Signs Its Time To Get A New Fence Installed

Whether you purchased your home during the South Florida residential boom of the 90s or have a new construction project underway, you’re likely in need of a new fence. You may be debating whether or not you need one, however there are some telltale signs for when you need to get one installed for your home. Some of the most common signs homeowners face when deciding if they need a new fence installed include:

Your Old Fence Is In Disrepair

If you purchased your home in the early 2000s or prior, chances are your current fence is in some state of disrepair. Florida’s humidity, coupled with the torrential downpours and hurricanes over the years have likely destroyed your current fence past salvaging. While it may appear to be standing, the wood has likely rotted and is one good wind gust away from falling apart. Metal fences have rusted, and vinyl fences can fall apart all the same from heavy winds and debris. Leaving this fence up can lead to potential hazards, as heavy winds can dislodge parts of the fence towards your home.

You Live Close To Your Neighbors

While you may enjoy your neighbor’s company, you and your family still deserve to have some level of privacy in your own backyard. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your backyard and your neighbors decide to come over uninvited. Having a privacy fence installed provides you with a well defined space that’s yours to enjoy without others coming uninvited. You then have the ability to invite them over whenever you see fit.

You Have Pets & Children

Fences have the added bonus of providing homeowners with safety on top of privacy. Families with pets and children can let them roam freely without the fear that an uninvited guest makes their way into your yard. As good as it is at keeping people out, it also keeps your children and pets safe from escaping and wandering out. You can rest easy knowing they can play to their heart’s content without having to be on guard the entire time. 

You Live Near A Busy Street

If you live near a busy street, you’re likely woken up by the sound of cars driving by or people walking by. This can severely impact your quality of life, which is where a privacy fence comes into place. Your fence can absorb a lot of that daily noise, while also guaranteeing that sense of privacy as people walk by your home. 
If you’re experiencing one of these common signs, it’s likely time to get your new privacy fence installed. The team at XL Fencing is here to help you throughout the fence installation process, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 482-0531 today!

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