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What Will Privacy Fencing Cost You?

Your backyard should be your own personal sanctuary, where you can do activities and relax, but this can often be ruined when your neighbor has a direct line of sight into your backyard. Privacy fencing is an investment chosen by a lot of families since it provides a safe space for spending time together. While keeping disturbances out, it also helps keep the dog in the yard and eliminates the stress of always having to keep watch. Privacy fencing helps create a safe haven but now you may ask yourself, “How much will privacy fencing cost?”. XL Fencing wants to help you make the best possible decision that will work for you.

Different Types of Fencing

When looking for privacy fencing, there’s a lot of different choices to choose from. We’ll be giving you details on the three most popular choices, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood. Each comes with its own pro and cons as well as different pricing options.


If privacy and easy installation is your main focus, then vinyl may just be a perfect choice. Vinyl fencing has no gaps or slits, it creates no opportunity for people passing by to look in on your backyard. It will instantly turn your open yard into a private oasis. Vinyl is also extremely easy to install. In ways, it’s almost like building a large lego set. All of the pieces snap together with little effort making it easy to complete in a single day. Being easy to install is a big benefit, but it’s also extremely durable! Compared to wood fencing, vinyl is five times stronger. Vinyl can also be heavily customized to fit the look and feel of your backyard. 


If strength and versatility are what you’re looking for, then aluminum is the choice for you! Aluminum is lighter than iron, but still offers the same amount of strength and because it is lighter, the cost of shipping is much cheaper. Aluminum is also very resistant to natural elements it may endure such as rust, corrosion, and weather. Aluminum fencing is also extremely versatile, meaning it can be adjusted to fit any landscape or ground level. No matter how your backyard sits, aluminum fencing will work.


While not being as strong as the previous two, wood still provides great value and amazing privacy. Wood fencing also is a much more subtle and attractive look than aluminum fencing. Wood also comes in many shapes and sizes which means you can select what type of wood would work best for your backyard. Wood does come with its fair share of cons that makes the other options a little more attractive. Unlike vinyl and aluminum, wood is very susceptible to damage from weather and corrosion. This usually takes some time, but wood is unpredictable. It could split or crack at any given time and may be costly to repair.

Looking For Privacy Fencing?

Your backyard shouldn’t be an open invite for everyone to look in, so let XL Fencing give you the privacy fencing you deserve. Visit our contact page or call us at 954-482-0531.

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