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How Much Will A New Fence Cost?

When researching costs for a new fence, the reality of the situation is that there is no set cost. Every job is completely different, and has its own restrictions, permitting, limitations, etc. Much like buying a car, house, or other large purchase, the price can entirely depend on a number of varying factors, aside from the actual materials themselves. Before preparing for a new fence installation, consider the following variables for getting a new fence installed. 


First and foremost, the amount of fence you need will drastically change the cost, as it’ll require more material to cover the square footage of your area. Keep in mind that the larger your area scales the higher the end cost will be.


Permitting is a key step in the fence installation process, as while the installation team having the necessary permits won’t cost, using someone (or trying to DIY it) without the proper permits can lead to very heavy fines incurred. 

Site Preparation

Before the new fence can be installed, there’s likely some site prep that needs to be addressed beforehand. This can be rock/boulder removal, tree removal, etc. Your new fence won’t be able to be placed without clearing out any obstructions, so removing these large impediments will likely cost both money and time. 


Before your fence can be placed, you’ll need to have your property surveyed. This determines your exact property lines and where the fence can actually go without being on your neighbors property. Usually you receive a copy of the survey from your home closing paperwork, however if you can’t find this you’ll have to pay for a survey team to come out and perform a new one.

Additional Features

Are you requesting a fence with an elaborate design, or one with a stunning gate with additional hardware? These will be added costs on top of what the base fence would cost. 

Maintenance & Repairs 

While not an upfront cost, these are costs that you’ll want to consider down the road. Repainting wood fences, and minor fixes to PVC & metal fences likely won’t run a high bill, however storms and fallen trees can lead to whole panels needing to be replaced.
With all this in mind, you’re ready to get your fence installed! Contact the XL Fencing team today to learn more about our types of fencing and which one’s right for you. Reach out online or give us a call directly at (954) 482-0531!

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