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How Long Does It Take to Install My Fence?

nstalling a fence is a more complex process than you might think. After choosing the fencing you want, the process of getting permits approved begins.

The Permitting Process

There are permits that must be approved and obtained before any work can begin. The permits must go through multiple channels that includes the zoning, building and fire departments, which will typically take 2 to 4 weeks. There are also regulations in regard to the type of fencing material that can be used and the height of the fencing. Once permits have been obtained, you’ll receive an estimated week when work can begin. It’s important to understand that inclement weather has an impact on installation times and can cause delays, along with supply chain issues.

Solutions for Different Soils

All soil types are not the same and will affect how fencing is installed. The type of soil will dictate if there are any special precautions that must be considered. Any slopes or hills in the area to be fenced will be factored in, allowing for a straight and even fence line. XL Fencing always seeks to install every fence quickly and efficiently. Clients need to know that the area being fenced will have a bearing on how quickly the task can be completed.

Knowledge and Experience

With over a decade of serving residential and commercial clients in Broward and Palm Beach counties, XL Fencing is cognizant of what permits are required for your specific area and other fencing specifications. The company is a top rated fencing company by HomeAdvisor and Google, and received the 2020 Angi Superior Service Award.

Consult with a Professional

Installation of a fence should never be a DIY project. The array of materials and gate options can be confusing. The experts have an extensive knowledge base to draw upon, ranging from what type of vinyl fencing is best in hurricane zones to what meets pool enclosure requirements.

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