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How Long Does A PVC Fence Last?

It’s finally time. You’ve pushed it off and tried to see how long your original fence could go without replacement. Chances are if your South Florida residence was originally built back in the 80s or 90s, it’s likely time to upgrade. You may be debating whether to stick with what you know and get a new wood fence installed, or make the change to the PVC style fence you hear so much about. We’re here to help settle the debate: go with a PVC fence! A major upgrade from the standardized wood fence, PVC fences are becoming more and more popular across South Florida for their wealth of benefits. That said, we receive a number of calls asking about how long a PVC fence will last before it needs to be replaced again. 

So How Long Will A PVC Fence Last?

The short answer: on average, a PVC fence will last around 25 years—but there’s a catch. There’s a few factors that play into the lifespan of a PVC fence, and if followed correctly, can lead to your fence lasting upwards of 30 years! Consider the following key factors:

Proper Installation

The lifespan of your PVC fence starts the moment the XL Fencing team gets to work. We’ll make sure to keep posts properly spaced away from each other, to provide your fence the necessary flexibility to withstand the elements. If the posts are too close the fence becomes rigid, which might send your fence falling following a strong enough gust. 

Scheduled Maintenance

We strongly recommend performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your fence every 3 months. Simply use a soft rag with hot water, mild detergent, and a little vinegar to remove any bacteria build up on your fence. Doing so will extend the longevity of your fence dramatically, tacking on roughly 5-8 years more than if you didn’t wash your fence. 
Additionally, twice a year you should check your fence for any telltale signs of potential damage or any existing damage so it can be resolved as soon as possible.


One of the most important factors to consider when getting your PVC fence installed is where it’s being installed. Uneven or swampy ground can significantly impact your fence’s lifespan, as the environment will critically affect it over time, regardless of maintenance. You can guarantee a longer lifespan for your fence by ensuring it’s installed on a level area, free of any trees with large surface-level roots. 
By following these factors, you can rest assured knowing your fence will last well into the next 30 years. Ready to get your South Florida PVC fence installed? Contact the XL Fencing team either online or give us a call at (954) 482-0531 today!

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