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How Can Fencing Keep Animals Out?

Have you wondered how fencing keeps animals out of your backyard?
Animals sneaking into a backyard isn’t an unheard-of thing, especially in south Florida. With lots of park areas, nature, and open areas it’s no wonder why they can seem to always find their way to your backyard. Some of the common victims you may find include rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and squirrels. These animals will often find their way in foraging through trash cans or digging up garden plants. 
There are many strategies people have used to prevent this. Cleaning up the area, removing certain items, and even having the dog run around the yard to fend them off. While these can work, they are not always the most reliable or effective.

Fencing Keeps Animals Away

The best and most effective way to keep them out would be to install fencing and the experts at XL Fencing can help you with that. A good fence will create a barrier that protects your backyard from outside animals. Fencing is a permanent and sound way to protect your yard.

Guidelines for Fencing to Protect Your Yard

  1. Height is an important factor as it makes sure nothing can scale the fence and get over. XL Fencing recommends going for at least six feet of height as this ensures nothing like a deer could jump over the fence into your yard. A tall fence also prevents animals like cats or raccoons from getting in.
  2. Make sure to look for fencing that has minimal gaps or no gaps at all, PVC fencing is a good choice for this. Fences that have large openings, like some wooden fences, allow animals to sneak in with ease and can let them scout out what they want to take or ruin.
  3. For a traditional fence look, rail fences are a good choice for appearance and effectiveness. While these fences have gaps, they can be easily backed with a wire mesh which will keep smaller rodents out. The wire mesh also prevents animals from trying to dig under the fence.
  4. A small fence (around 2-3 feet) is still an effective tool for keeping animals like rabbits out. While not as generally appealing or effective as a tall fence, it can still be a minor help in keeping animals out. 
  5. Watch out for the climbing animals. Raccoons and squirrels are prime examples of this. A good solution to take care of this is a four-foot fence that has the top foot and a half unattached. This will prevent the climbing animals from making it to the top and into your backyard. You may also curve the top of the fence which will work just as well.


Dealing With Animals?

South Florida is notorious for finding different types of wildlife in backyards and fencing keeps animals out. If you’re experiencing this problem and want to change it, contact the fencing experts at XL Fencing. Visit our contact page or call us today at 954-482-0531

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