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Hide Unsightly Objects with a Fence Panel

Modern life requires a variety of infrastructure systems that are unsightly and can detract from the beauty, value and curb appeal of homes and businesses. They’re necessary, but that doesn’t mean they have to be on public display. They can easily be hidden with strategically placed fencing panels.

Things You Can Camouflage

You can conceal items encompassing dumpsters and trash bins, air conditioning units, emergency generators, and electric meters – all without compromising access. High-value items that are at risk of being stolen, such as generators, can be completely enclosed in a mini fence with a gate.

Decorative Fence Panels

One of the easiest and aesthetically pleasing ways to hide those objects from view is with fence panels. They’re decorative, affordable, and effective. Offered in multiple materials, the most popular choices are wood or vinyl, also known as PVC. They’re available in multiple colors, styles, heights, and can be customized to blend with existing landscapes. Panels can be installed for a vertical or horizontal appearance. Depending on the location of the object you want to conceal, a fence panel can also lessen noise.

Additional Opportunity

Fence panels also provide an opportunity to create a living accent wall. You can plant a flowering vine to climb the fence panel. The planting can provide food for native pollinators that include birds, bees, butterflies and moths.

Applicable for Any Environment

Homes, commercial enterprises, industrial sites, and non-profit organizations can all reap the benefits of fence panels to make their property more appealing and attractive. They’re a welcome addition at schools, religious institutions and day care centers. Panels can be installed on flat or sloping ground, and can even be incorporated into existing fencing.

Consult with a Professional

You can purchase readymade panels, but to fully explore your options and be sure you’re happy with the results, it’s best to consult with a professional fencing company. The experts have options of which you may not be aware. They can offer assistance with your choice and provide expert installation.

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