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What To Look For In A PVC Fence Company

Finding the right South Florida fence company can be harder than it looks. A fence is an important investment and a fencing project entails more than just the installation of a fence. Laying out the fence lines, digging postholes, mixing concrete and setting posts, installing rails and pickets and finishing a fence for a large property is only half of the job. Deciding on the type of fence, designing a fence that matches your property’s aesthetics and choosing the right materials are just as important if not more.
If you are wanting to install a PVC fence around your property, it is important to do your research first in order to find a reputable and professional company like XL Fencing. XL Fencing is South Florida’s premier PVC fence company, specializing in fence design, installation, and repair. Our knowledgeable fencing contractors will work with you every step of the way in order to create a customized fence design. We can design, install and repair any type of fence including, PVC, wood, aluminum, and chain link.

Finding The Right PVC Fence Company

There are dozens of companies who can install a fence, ranging from general landscape construction contractors to fence specialty companies to the neighborhood handyman. Before you begin your fencing project, you want to make sure that your PVC fence company works with qualified and insured fencing contractors who have experience designing and installing PVC fences. As a property owner, you want to ensure that your fence is properly installed, free of any obstructions such as trees and rocks that may hinder the fencing or affect the overall costs.

Asking The Right Fencing Questions

When looking for a PVC fence company, it is essential to choose the right combination of cost and quality for your fencing project by asking the right questions. There are many options to consider before installing a PVC fence like color, durability, strength, design and required maintenance. The fencing questions you should ask include:

  • Will the fence company pull permits?
  • Will the fence company call a utility locator to pinpoint the location of any underground utility lines?
  • Are customized gates and associated hardware a part of the quoted cost? If not, how much will they cost?
  • What kind of warranty does the fence company offer if any?
  • What is the company’s timeline to install the fence?


XL Fencing Is The Number One South Florida Fence Company

Designing and installing a PVC fence can be a major financial commitment. The best way for homeowners to protect their investment is by working with a reputable PVC fence company like XL Fencing. XL Fencing has the highest quality of vinyl fencing materials and top-level experts to install and maintain your PVC fence. To talk to one of our fence design specialists, give us a call us today at 954-482-0531 and receive a free quote for your fencing project.

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