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Fencing to Keep Your Chickens Safe

If you’re among the increasing number of people considering keeping chickens, you need fencing to keep them safe. It’s not something you’ll typically need to consider when renting or leasing chickens from a company. The set ups come with a coop and fencing. It’s a different story for DIY chicken keepers and those living in rural areas.

Chicken Wire

Also known as poultry netting, it’s a wire mesh constructed of small hexagonal shapes. Available in plastic coated and non plastic-coated styles, it’s effective for preventing entry by most wildlife. It won’t stop snakes smaller than the hexagons.


You’ll need to protect your chickens from multiple types of wildlife. Chickens are popular prey for a wide variety of predators ranging from racoons and snakes to an extensive variety of birds of prey.

Land and Air

Not all wildlife dangers will arrive by land. Chickens are at risk from predators that swoop from above. To keep chickens safe, their enclosure should include a “ceiling” of chicken wire to prevent hawks and other flying predators from entering the enclosure. It’s important to know that raccoons are well-known for being able to climb chain link and chicken wire fences. There are attachments that can be added to the tops of chain link to discourage predators.

Constructing Your Fence

The enclosure for your chickens should include the coop. The coop can set within the enclosure or the fence can be attached to the coop. There should be no cracks through which predators can enter. Between the wire and the coop.

Chain Link

An alternative to chicken wire is chain link fencing. It’s more expensive, but provides a more safe and secure environment for your poultry. Even chain link will require some sort of ceiling to prevent access from avian predators.

Protect Your Investment

Constructing an enclosure and equipping it with a secure gate and ceiling is essential. You’re protecting the life of your chickens and your investment.

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