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Fencing Permits

The simple answer to the question of whether you’ll need a permit for your fence is maybe. A fence provides a wealth of benefits ranging from privacy and security to containing children and pets safely. A DIY fence solution can create more problems than solutions. Without the proper permits, you could be ordered to make alterations or even uninstall the entire fence. It’s just one of the reasons that you should hire a professional fence installer.

Local Rules Prevail

Local regulations and ordinances can vary by where you live. Each city and community establish their own fencing requirements, as long as they’re not in conflict with state rules. Some have limits on height, style, material, and color. Some communities also have height requirements based on where the fence is installed on a property. Others have set-back requirements, dictating how far it must be from property lines. Homeowner associations (HOAs) have very strict regulations governing fences.

Permits and Cost

Permits are a way for communities to monitor, control, ensure safety, and provide uniformity. The type of permit and its associated cost will be reliant upon zoning ordinances and codes.

Rules and regulations also apply if you’re just trying to repair an existing fence or replace a single section. A permit may be required in those situations. Some communities base the cost of the permit on the overall cost of the fence to be erected.

Good Neighbors

Some locales may require you to obtain your neighbor’s permission before erecting a fence. Those communities may consider maintenance a shared cost with your neighbor. You may also be required to have the property surveyed before a fence can be built. Problems can arise if you want one type of fence and your neighbor objects to any part of the installation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

A professional fence installer is cognizant of the rules, regulations and ordinances of the area they serve. The expert will take care of obtaining all the pertinent permits and it will be included in the estimate they provide for the job. The company’s professionals will take precautions to ensure they know where all applicable power and utility lines are buried. A professional fence installer is your single resource for every aspect of your fencing project.

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