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Fence as a Holiday Canvas

Outdoor Christmas decorating doesn’t stop at a home’s entrance. Individuals can display their decorating expertise and adorn their fence for the holidays. For those that want to create a holiday haven, few things are guaranteed to attract attention like anything with lights. Home decorators can choose to hang strands of multi-colored LED lights or take a more elegant approach with white icicle lights. They’re also offered in multi-colored styles.

Homeowners can ornament their fence with a variety of lighted Santas and snowmen to angels, bows and wreaths. It doesn’t matter whether homeowners want traditional decorations or those that are a little quirky, there’s something to accommodate everyone’s taste.

Safety First

Fires are a major concern during the holidays. One reason is old wiring that can’t handle the additional electrical draw of Christmas lighting. Another is using lights and decorations that have frayed wires, bulbs that don’t work, or bulbs that are missing. Never connect more than 3 extension cords together and limit their use. To minimize the fire potential, consider battery-operated items

Decorative Ideas

Wreaths and garlands are a classic way to share the holiday spirit. They can also be a cost-effective means of decorating. Even more budget friendly are large red bows. They’re available in lighted and unlit options. A Christmas-themed banner is another idea.


There are dozens of holiday decorations that are solar powered. Santas and reindeer can be positioned to peek over or through a fence. Solar-powered candy canes and Christmas candles can be positioned on fencing. Homeowners can choose traditional symbols of Christmas or Kwanzaa.

Whimsical Décor

Christmas TV specials are the basis for a variety of holiday decorations. Individuals may want to add a fanciful touch to their fence with the Grinch and his dog, Max. Snoopy and the Peanuts gang or Frosty the Snowman are also popular. Homeowners can celebrate their heritage when decorating. Examples include Christmas shamrocks, gnomes and elves.

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