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Factors to Consider When Building A New Fence

Springtime always tends to be the perfect time for South Florida homeowners to start making updates and renovations to their homes. One of the first and most important things to consider is installing a brand new fence. With South Florida neighborhoods feeling so tight, it often feels as if your neighbor’s property is just too close. Getting a fence installed offers you that much-needed privacy right in your backyard. 
Taking on that fence installation project might seem like a serious undertaking, but with the right team and quality materials, getting a brand new fence installed on your South Florida home becomes a breeze. Before jumping into getting that new fence, consider these key points:

Make Sure Your Neighbors (And Your HOA) Are Aware

When preparing to get a new fence installed, it’s important to make sure your neighbors are aware. Properties tend to have hidden property lines that may not end up being a perfect square. Rather than “guestimate” your backyard’s actual lines, fence companies like XL Fencing will assist in plotting your actual backyard to ensure nothing goes wrong with your fence installation.

Choose The Right Materials

Picking the right fence material can make or break the look of your backyard. Picking the right fence material, whether that be aluminum, wood, PVC, or custom material, can make your home stand out from the rest. There are other factors to consider when choosing the material for your fence installation, such as privacy, maintenance, and more.
Where wood fencing is timeless, it is highly susceptible to weather, invasive bugs, rotting, and more. PVC fencing is a more cost-effective and clean fencing option that many homeowners across South Florida are going with. It offers the most privacy while requiring the least amount of maintenance. It’s essential to weigh all the pros and cons of each material for your new fence installation before jumping into one.

Installing A Fence With A Purpose

 While the short aluminum fence may look stunning, it also might not stop your dog from escaping your backyard. A chain-link fence wouldn’t work if you were after more privacy, and a wood fence wouldn’t make sense for pool safety. When installing a fence on your South Florida home, always consider what you want out of your new fence before just jumping into something. It’ll save you plenty of time, money, and headaches!
Choosing the right South Florida fence installation company is essential to getting the right fence installed. XL Fencing offers you a truly simple, effortless installation process. We work with you to ensure your fence is flawlessly installed without any of the hangups. Simply contact us today or call us at (954) 482-0531 to get your fence installation started.

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