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How to Perform Chain Link Fence Maintenance

A chain link fence is a cheap yet quality product that you can purchase and have installed on your property. Its strength and integrity will ensure that your property and its occupants are kept safe from outside factors that can possibly bring harm (burglars, wild animals, etc.). But even though they are a strong fence type, they will require maintenance from time to time and the proper care. And if you’re one who is unsure of how to provide proper maintenance for a chain link fence, don’t worry. XL Fencing has provided a chain link maintenance guide that you can read below.
XL Fencing is a quality fencing service company that has provided fence installation/repair for numerous patrons in the Broward and Palm Beach County region. They care deeply about the quality of property owners’ fences and for this reason, they’ve created this maintenance guide for chain link fence owners. Through this guide, you can trust that your chain link fence will last to its longest lifespan — maybe even longer.

Chain Link Fence Maintenance

Apply Rust Protection, Yearly

When not treated properly every year, your chain link fence can rust. So in order to make your fence resistant to rusting, spray a rust-resistant coating on your chain link fence yearly. When spraying, ensure that you especially spray the bottom where your chain link fence will gather the most moisture from grass and dirt. And as you’re inspecting your fence for any signs of rusting, call a fencing expert — such as XL Fencing — when you find any. Without this step in chain link fence maintenance, rust will eat through your fence and create a weak spot for unwanted guests to break through.

Regularly Clean Your Fence

A chain link fence that isn’t cleaned from time to time will succumb to degradation in its structure caused by rusting. Even if you apply rust-resistant material to your fence, the deposits that stick to your chain link fence will give off moisture than can still rust your fence.
Cleaning is one of the easiest chain link fence maintenance steps you can perform. When cleaning your chain link fence, you only need water to remove dirt and debris and dish soap to remove bird feces and other stains. With a hose adjusted to its most powerful setting. you can spray down your fence for easy cleanup. Afterward, if you find there’s still dirt on tougher areas, you can grab a scrub brush and soapy water to clean tougher areas.

Avoid Growing Plants in Your Fence

While it is decorative and tempting, it’s highly advised that you don’t grow any sort of plants, flower, or other similar vegetation on your chain link fence. Plants that grow through your chain link fence can lift your fence’s structure up from the bottom. If you find tree seedling growing near or on your fence, remove them immediately. Leaving them to grow there can prove to be catastrophic to your fence.

Hire a Professional For Repairs When Needed

Areas of your chain link fence that can get afflicted with the worst damage are the connection to posts. As your fence keeps getting pulled on or climbed over, the connections can get loose and the lengths of chain link can get pulled away from posts. Also, if your gates are becoming uneven, the hinges will need to be tightened so that no bolts are missing. If you ever notice that any chain link is starting to sag or get pulled away, you’ll need to contact a fencing expert right away. When in the Palm Beach or Broward County region, check to see if XL Fencing is close by to assist you. Their quality service will guarantee that your fence will be repaired and it will provide you with the necessary protection again.

Perform This Chain Link Fence Maintenance After You Get Yours Installed from XL Fencing

Now that you’re aware of how to perform chain link fence maintenance, don’t hesitate at all in getting a chain link fence installed by XL Fencing. XL Fencing has been providing quality service to numerous patrons for many years. And because of this, they’re regarded as the most experienced and established fencing company in all of South Florida. We can promise you that when you choose XL Fencing, you’ll be absolutely in love with your new chain link fence. For any inquiries, call us at 954-482-0531 or visit our contact page.

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