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All About PVC Fences And Their Benefits

When deciding on the right fence style for your home, you want a fence material that’s timeless, stylish, and doesn’t break the bank. There are so many different options it can feel as if it’s impossible to decide on the right one. As this is an investment you’ll have for 15+ years, it’s important to pick something that you aren’t going to hate just a few years down the road. One particularly popular option that many South Florida homeowners go with is a PVC fence. PVC fences offer homeowners a wealth of benefits designed to enhance their backyard. From noise reduction to the variety of styles, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a PVC fence for your South Florida home.

Benefits Of PVC Fences For South Florida Homes

Low Maintenance

One of the main benefits that come with getting a PVC fence installed is that they require little to no maintenance. While wood fences will rot and break apart as the years wear them down and the torrential downpours rot the beams and metal fences will rust if left unchecked, PVC fences hold their own against the environment. PVC fences simply need to be washed down occasionally, as they can be stained by grass. 

Low Cost

South Florida homeowners love PVC fences because of their overall lifetime cost. PVC fences cost less per square foot than other traditional options such as wood or aluminum. Also, due to their low maintenance costs and requirements, your PVC fence is all but guaranteed to cost less throughout its lifespan than other materials.

Variety Of Styles

PVC fences come in a variety of styles to match your vision or level of privacy. Some of the options South Florida fencing companies like XL Fencing offers include:

  • Privacy: vinyl fences create a unique barrier as well as secure your home. If you prefer that your neighbors are not looking into your space, a privacy fence may be the right answer. XL Fencing offers desirable privacy fence choices for keeping peace in your Palm Beach or Broward County community. 
  • Semi-Private: vinyl fences allow a small ratio of privacy and airflow, allowing a more open-air feeling to the landscape and scenery.
  • Lattice Tops: This is for the customer that wants to make a bold statement with an extra heavy-duty fence panel and beautiful lattice accent on top. This style fence is a popular PVC privacy fence and perfect for any residential, commercial, or high traffic area.
  • Picket Accent: is a vinyl accent fence used in a corner to accent an outdoor space. It can serve a variety of purposes such as decoration, marking a corner lot, marking a driveway, protecting the landscape, or hiding shrubbery or outdoor fixtures. Pickett Accent fences are available in privacy and space styles.

Optimized Privacy

Nobody wants their neighbors running through their backyard, or someone’s pet tearing up your grass as they please. With a PVC privacy fence, all those worries go right out the window. PVC fences are great at reducing unwanted noises, like loud neighbors or passing traffic. Neighbor’s pets won’t be able to get in and your pets can run around without you having to worry that they may run off when you’re not looking. You and your family will be safe and secure from nosy neighbors and unwanted guests.

XL Fencing Offers The Best PVC Fences In South Florida

If you’ve been looking to have a PVC fence installed in your South Florida home, look no further than XL Fencing. As the leading South Florida fencing company, we make it our mission to provide homeowners across Palm Beach County and Broward County with the highest quality fence materials at the best prices. We’ll bring your vision to life, simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 482-0531 and one of our representatives will assist!

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