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7 Reasons to Install a Fence

Many individuals decide to install a fence without really thinking about why they want or need one. Before contacting a fencing professional, consider which reason best accommodates your fencing needs.


Trespassing and crimes occur, even in low-crime neighborhoods. A fence for security purposes provides a barrier around property that’s a deterrent to any intruder, whether it’s a human, pets running loose or unwanted wildlife. A fence is also effective for keeping expensive items out of view, such as lawn equipment, recreational vehicles, and trampolines.


An increasing number of people are installing fencing for privacy reasons. The barriers prevent prying eyes and nosy neighbors from seeing into your yard. You can spend time with family and friends, read or even sunbathe, secure in the knowledge that you’re unobserved.


Anyone with children or pets knows how difficult it can be to contain them. There are many different styles of fencing that can be erected that keep children and pets enclosed and safe from abduction or wandering into the street.

Noise Barrier

Life is noisy, and some environments are louder than others. A fence is an effective noise barrier against the sounds of busy intersections. It can also quiet the sounds of loud music and passersby, making it more enjoyable to enjoy your outdoor spaces. It also aids in muffling noises, TV and stereo sounds being emitted from your home.

Curb Appeal and Value

The right fence can add significantly to curb appeal and value if you’re thinking of selling your home. Many buyers want a fence and a home that already has one can command a higher price.


A fence has the ability to lend aesthetic value to properties. Fencing can frame a property and display it to its best advantage and a welcoming place.

Establish Property Boundaries

Every neighbor isn’t necessarily a good neighbor. Sometimes it’s necessary to establish property boundaries to discourage incursions into your yard.

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